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We help employees find a good job

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Trust Consulting HR

Trust Consulting HR has been dealing with finding new people to join structures designed by our customers since 1998. It includes recruitment of specialists, team-leaders, and managers. Since 2010 we have been coaching professionals with their career issues.

More often than not, a customer of ours is midsized commercial enterprise doing its business in manufacturing or service sector.


Our recruitment expertise includes:
– direct search
– the building of sales teams
– carrying out major recruitment projects


We frequently keep in touch with employers, employees, job candidates as well as would-be candidates.

Not only is Trust Consulting HR efficient recruitment agency but is also careful and prudent in its actions. We do keep information confidential. Professional recruitment is for serious-minded people only.

Are we different? Yes! Here is why:
– no truthiness
– no gimmicks
– no hidden costs
– our guarantee is NOT subject to any conditions
Why do our customers want to work with us more than once?
-we recruit well-suited candidates
-we share our vast recruitment experience with employers
-we are dead serious when it comes to our customer expectations
-we practice no mass-production approach during the recruitment process
-every recruitment is different
-we cooperate with experts in management and psychology
-we believe in honesty, accuracy, and commonsensical efficiency
-last but not least trust does matter


Trust Consulting HR does not engage in every conceivable recruitment process deliberately. Years of experience taught us that you should not propagate faster-cheaper-better approach people industry (we prefer attracting people not resources). In a highly standardized manufacturing environment, hyperspeed operations may work well. If a recruitment agency practices FCB approach, both customers and job-candidates suffer.

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The principle that the one who invests wisely earns money is well known. Nowadays, the fact that it is worth investing in your own future, does not surprise anyone. Investing in you is a lifetime investment. But, what should I invest in? How do I do this? What is good for me and how will I benefit?

Career & Job Coaching is an offer for you if you want to invest in you and if you are looking for the right way to do this. We will not make the steps for you, but we can help you find the right place in the professional area and develop your strengths. We will show you possibilities, we will motivate you, help you look at yourself differently. We will support you in career development by helping you discover talents and capabilities that give confidence to achieve what you want. You will leave meetings being more confident and full of ideas related to career plans. We will help you analyze the mistakes and failures and learn from them. With us you will see your successes, even the smallest ones. We will add you energy and we will accompany you enjoying your success. You will understand how the job market functions today and how to find a place in it.

Who is the recipient of our offer?

  • job seekers who want to find suitable job
  • those looking for new challenges in the professional area
  • people lost in the labor market
  • people who suffer from burnout
  • individuals wishing or being forced to retrain

How do we work?

Career & Job Coaching consists of series of individual meetings with an interval of one or two weeks with an experienced psychologist who is also a Human Resources consultant.

The first 1-2 meetings serve to determine the aim of participation in job coaching, others are already subordinated to a jointly defined goal and the end result is for the participant to find the best solutions and support him in pursuit of the goal.

Individual appointments can be enhanced with advice on:

  • aptitude screening and assessment of professional competences
  • methods of job searching
  • recruitment mechanisms
  • requirements of the labor market
  • jobs’ classification
  • possible studies and methods of education and skills development

The person conducting the meetings is the MA in Psychology with many years of experience in the recruitment of staff and years of experience in working with unemployed people.
Contact us: + 48 604 941 146;

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  • Kazimierz Zys

    „Kilkanaście lat temu, jeden telefon, który odmienił całkowicie moje zawodowe życie. Pani Ilona, z uporem maniaka próbowała namówić, wówczas 21 latka, na spotkanie dotyczące jednego z prowadzonych projektów. Udało się, w końcu uwierzył że to nie żart. Spotkali się, porozmawiali. To był TEN dzień, TO spotkanie i w TYM właściwym momencie kariery. Dziś po 14 latach, zmieniło się otoczenie, zmieniły priorytety, cele. Branża bez zmian. Dzięki za wsparcie w TYM ważnym momencie! Kazimierz Zys Dyrektor Produkcji Dendro Poland”

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