For Employer

Trust Consulting HR offers three types of recruitment services. The concrete offer depends on organizational and business needs of the employer.

STANDARD recruitment is a service that occurs most frequently in the market. It is directed to employers who hire rather sporadically, for whom employment is NOT a constant and everyday part of the operational work. Usually it applies to employers showing interest in recruiting a single person for a specific position. The detailed scope of STANDARD recruitment The detailed scope of STANDARD recruitment

CONSTANS recruitment is a service which is directed to employers for whom hiring new people is the current, everyday and repetitive part of the organization’s life. Such employers regularly recruit a large number of staff (the so-called SIEVE strategy) and are interested in obtaining constant access to potential employees. The detailed scope of CONSTANS recruitment

PREMIUM recruitment is a service which contains a full set of recruitment services, addressed to employers interested in obtaining support from Trust Consulting HR in the area of the whole recruitment process: from diagnosis employment needs until the implementation of the new employees. The detailed scope of PREMIUM recruitment