The service is directed to employers interested in a full package of recruitment services - from the moment of the diagnosis of needs to the training of new employees.

Employers who are particularly interested are:

  • employers who want to develop and implement uniform procedures for recruitment
  • employers who have a problem with too high labour turnover
  • employers who consider a promotion of their employees (Vertical / Horizontal)

Working with clients begins with an overview of the organizational structure and advising on the recruitment needs. The next step is to develop a recruitment process taking into account both external recruitment with the aim of searching for a new employee outside the organization on the wide labour market, and internal recruitment which is prepared for the search of a candidate within the company with the selection of appropriate tools.

Both the internal and external recruitments can be carried out through the co-operation with us, without excluding solutions in which an employer leads the process and Trust Consulting HR supports the company in its activities.

The project ends with the development and/or the implementation of the system of the adaptation of new employees.

What are the benefits?

  • a system approach can solve many personnel problems
  • solutions that are proposed, in addition to consideration of the human resources of the organization , also
    apply to the external labour market , so that the employer gains a clear comparison between internal and
    external resources
  • the possibility to hide the information about the employer (implicit recruitment)
  • finding highly qualified candidates who are hard to reach at the given time, due to the fact that they do not actively look for a job (the so-called passive candidates)
  • best fit candidate profile to the expected relationship employer - employee
  • significant increase of the employment possibility of the proper worker, both at the level of compliance with the requirements of the post and the ability to work with a supervisor, as well as functioning as a member of a team (to avoid the so-called recruitment mistake)

Steps of the co-operation that are valued:

*Specification of a cost estimate is possible after obtaining more additional information from an employer.

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