The service is directed to employers who hire occasionally and are interested in hiring the right person.

Employers choose this type of service mainly because of:

  • lack of time to recruit
  • lack of qualified personnel which could carry out the recruitment process
  • the difficulty of reaching candidates with appropriate qualifications

Sometimes, there is a need of urgent hiring due to a sudden quitting of an employee - we are able to help, even in such a situation, due to the constantly updated and upgraded database of candidates.

Co-operation steps:

What are the benefits?

  • delegating time-consuming tasks associated with the recruitment outside the company to the specialists (you do not have to deal with the preparation of job offers, leading interviews and evaluating qualifications of candidates)
  • the ability to reach a specific target group or to direct information only to selected candidates who meet the
    set requirements of recruitment
  • the possibility to hide the information about the employer (implicit recruitment)
  • finding highly qualified candidates who are hard to reach at the given time, due to the fact that they do not
    actively look for a job (the so-called passive candidates)
  • best fit candidate profile to the expected relationship employer - employee
  • significant increase of the employment possibility of the proper worker, both at the level of compliance with the requirements of the post and the ability to work with a supervisor, as well as functioning as a member of a team (to avoid the so-called recruitment mistake)
  • the assistance in the employment agreement between the employer and employee
  • the unconditional guarantee of worker replacement

Service price

Price of the service equates with the one moth salary or one and a half of the salary that a worker gains per moths in the gross number. The price is set in two instalments.

* The above prices indicate a net price, VAT need to be included.